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Conformable Vinyl Tape


S3400 is chemically resistant so it will not contaminate plating baths. This product also has firm elongation properties.


Conformable vinyl backing completely masks off areas, especially parts for anodizing or electro less nickel plating. This tape is resistant to chemicals and temperature in order to withstand treatment baths. An economical sized roll saves time and money.

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Physical Characteristics Standard Values
Carrier 6 mils PVC Film
Adhesive Type Rubber
Adhesive Thickness 1 mil – 0.026 mm
180° Peel Adhesion to Stainless Steel 23 oz/in – 6.3 N/25mm
Tape Color Yellow
Liner NA
Total Tape Thickness 7.0 mil – 0.178 mm
Service Temperature Range 176 ̊ F – 80 ̊ C
Available Lengths 36 yds