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About Us

Champion Tape was founded to provide industry-unique flexibility. This strong suit is an outgrowth of decades of experience in both coating and converting in a market where flexibility has been lost to efficiencies, and cost-cutting. This strength allows us to adjust our process and products to your specific solution. Experience the combination of these attributes and speed and you will see why we have rapidly become a leading supplier in the tape industry.

Champion Tape considers technical support to be one of the highest value-added services that we can deliver to our customers. Our extensive experience in developing specialty tapes and fully understanding the functional requirements of your application sets us apart from our competitors. The marketplace is an ever-changing environment. We understand that, and therefore, our commitment is to continually invest in the technology and development necessary to keep you one step ahead of your competition. We are dedicated to quality in every aspect of our business.

Our Staff


Over the years, our staff has developed a comprehensive knowledge of thousands of applications and continues to have the drive to understand yours. We employ only the most loyal, professional, and dedicated people. We are all committed to supporting you in areas where most major producers fall short. We will find the most economical solution to your unique applications.

What makes Champion Tape different?

Simply stated, our technology and business practices change your opportunities! If you are motivated by having your product considered by companies that you thought you would never grab the attention of, Champion Tape is the company for you!

As a manufacturer of specialty tapes, serving specialty applications, Champion Tape has created a far deeper connection with customers than a simple buy/sell arrangement. Customers can use Champion Tape’s online services to discuss issues ranging from chemistry to product positioning (see our BLOG). Champion Tape’s vast capabilities and value-added commitment to solving the previously thought “unsolvable” tasks make us especially unique in the industry. Eliminate the confines of traditional purchasing hurdles by contacting us today.

Headquartered in Racine, Wisconsin, Champion Tape is launching an industry-unique online RSS feed to assist its customers with their production and sales efforts. Champion Tape seeks to arm your staff with much more than exceptional tape, including the ability to maximize your staff’s efforts in the field.