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High Temperature Polyester Silicone Tape

S1350 is a single coated polyester high temperature silicone masking tape which bonds to the most difficult surfaces in high temperature environments. Commonly used as a Flash-breaker tape.

The silicone adhesive provides top quality adhesion in high temperature applications. Durable polyester film is resistant to tearing and punctures, chemicals, flow, oozing, and slippage.

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Physical Characteristics Standard Values
Carrier 5 mil PET
Adhesive Type Silicone
Adhesive Thickness 1.5 mil – 0.038 mm
180° Peel Adhesion to Stainless Steel 35 oz/in – 10 N/25mm
Tape Color Blue
Liner Available with or without
Total Tape Thickness 2.5 mil – 0.063mm
Heat Resistance -70 ̊ F to 510 ̊ F
Available Lengths ANY – 72 YD std