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Differential Silicone/Acrylic Tape

D5910 is a double-coated tape with a permanent silicone adhesive on one side and a high performance silicone adhesive on the other side. This tape is used for bonding differential substrates.

The silicone adhesive creates good adhesion to silicone hard coats and release liners. The acrylic adhesive side permanently bonds to high and low energy surfaces.
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Physical Characteristics Standard Values
Carrier 1 mil PET
Adhesive Type Silicone/Acrylic
Adhesive Thickness(each side) 1.5 mil – 0.038 mm
180° Peel Adhesion to Stainless Steel 52/72 oz/in – 14/20 N/25mm
Tape Color Clear
Liner 2 mil PET / 4 mil PET
Total Tape Thickness 4.0 mil – 0.102 mm
Service Temperature Range -20°F to 250°F – -29°C to 121°C
Available Lengths 36 and 72 yards