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"Terrible Tape" TM Double-Coated Polyester Tape

D5730 is a hand tear-able thin PET film double-coated with a rubber-based pressure sensitive adhesive and selfwound on a Kraft liner. Product has a firm adhesive ideal for die-cutting.

For general purpose solutions and bonding to smooth surfaces. Excellent bonding for paper, metal, plastics and most low plasticized materials. Excellent Quick tack.

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Physical Characteristics Standard Values
Carrier .5 mil PET Film
Adhesive Type Rubber
Adhesive Thickness(each side) 1.10
180° Peel Adhesion to Stainless Steel 145 oz/in
Tape Color Clear
Liner Kraft
Total Tape Thickness 3.2 mils
Holding Power (PSTC-7) 1000g >300+
Available Lengths 36/60/72