Industrial Films

Champion Tape offers tinted/dyed/pigmented Polyesters for applications where a clear film just isn't enough. Our films are pigmented using a polymerization process so as to allow for depth of color and consistency across the material. This process allows the color to be absorbed into the film, giving the material a much more even coating and better performance compared to typical printed films. We service films for many markets, including adhesive tapes, solar-control panels, viewing panels, edge reinforcement, Ink tray covers, flexible ducts, hot stamping, release films, book covers, pressure sensitive tapes, gaskets, abrasives, sail cloth, carriers, signs, industrial lamination, decorative metalization, shingle release, stationary, garment stiffeners, embossing, kites, ceramic castings, chaf systems, fiberglass moldings, formica molding, carriers, stencils, registration systems, leader/trailer tape, hang tabs, belting, archival products, photo albums, sheet protectors, buttons, floral wrap, glitter, goggles, window film, die-strike sheets, badges, and drumheads/tambourines.

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