Champion Tape uses state-of-the-art production equipment specifically designed for the unique demands of our specialty tape customers. Our versatility in equipment allows us to process our high performance adhesive tapes on a variety of substrates including paper, film, tissue, cloth, and foam. We offer customized solutions as wide as 60 inches, and as narrow as 2mm. Our equipment is selected to efficiently process film thicknesses from .25 mil to 15 mils and coating weights from .1 to 15 mils. Our flexibility allows us to customize our product to your specific applications, including coating to your specialized substrate. Product attributes include: priming, corona treatment, release coating and laminating. The production of our pressure sensitive tapes, where needed, is optimized with the use of efficiently filtered multiple drying zones. Optimum adhesive coating is controlled through precision coating heads, and tension is maintained with state-of-the-art load cell technology. This precision is what enables us to effectively coat to various thin and delicate substrates. Our tapes are then converted on high speed rewind or single knife slitters.

Champion Tape is committed to providing you with the most affordable solution. Therefore, we have partnered with some of the largest and most efficient coating lines in the world, many of which have specialized in certain niche production methods. As a result, we can offer the industry a unique range of products that are not only cost effective but of the highest quality and tailored to your specific applications. We often add partners and equipment in our pursuit to offer you the very best quality and price at all times.

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